Functional Rehabilitation Programmes

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Functional Rehabilitation Programmes

A Function Rehabilitation programme involves an assessment that looks at how the person moves and will involve a series of exercises that are specific for each individual and their sport. 

We have worked with many different sports people eg. runners, golfers, footballers, swimmers and rugby players.

We love working with all levels of sports people, younger and older, club and elite level and love to see how our programmes can help people get stronger and better in their sport.

Incidence of injury and sports performance can be affected by how we move. By improving movement patterns and awareness you can improve technique and performance in your sport and also help towards prevent injuries.

For the assessment we put you through a series of movements that are sport specific. We then design a programme of exercises tailored for you. This will help with:

1. Getting you back to full fitness after an injury.

2. Help to prevent you getting injured. There are common movement patterns that we see frequently that can make you more susceptible to injury. By practicing certain exercises you can help prevent developing a particular problem. 

3. Assessing if you are fit to return to your sport.

4. To help your technique and efficiency to improve your sporting performance. 

Debbie Matchett

Posted by Debbie Matchett

Director of Physiotheraphy and Pilates
Chartered Physiotherapist and Body Control Pilates Instructor
Specialising in: Sports Injuries and rehabilitation, Pilates and Myofascial Release